At FlatPixel Studio we aim to keep clean web design, UX development and visual marketing the majority of our business. We strife for multidisciplinary skills, to help you with all your needs online. If you venture into a category we don't cover, we partner up with the best teams in the business to provide you with the highest quality service you deserve!



When creating a brand we aim to create a strong long lasting impact on the client and position your company as an irreplaceable companion to your users. It is about much more than just the design, it is about creating an identity that will inspire customer loyalty and enhance an emotional relationship.


Web Development

Taking over the project of developing your web identity is one of the greatest tasks you can entrust us with, and we do not take it lightly. We use proven and effective design trends and latest technologies, develop a conversion focused web strategy to promote your business and design professional and engaging products that promote your brand vision.


Creative Services

Sometimes, the web just isn’t enough to relay your information to potential clients, users or members! In these cases we will design stunning visual components that flatter your brands, such as flyers, business cards, event decorations, posters and much more. We partner up with the best print providers in the business to guarantee you top quality services.


Digital Marketing

Having an amazing, visually attractive website which provides smooth user experience means nothing if there are no users who visit this website! We provide SEO and digital marketing on social media platforms, as well as search engine and email marketing. Let’s turn potential clients into profitable leads!