Web Design Is At The Core
Of What We Do…

…But Our Skills Range From Product Design To Video Production.

The story of FlatPixel began way back in 2000, when the internet was young and competition scarce. We began using our computers for more than written documents and graphs, or occasional games. With the rise of social media and digital entertainment, our team decided to start building trendy, up-to-date websites and enrich the digital marketing world of our clients.

Within a few years we expanded our reach into the worlds of visual communication, steping outside of digital and some of us realised the outernet and internet can go hand in hand with just a little effort!

01. Research and Strategy

Everything starts with a simple pen and paper. While planing strategy for your design, be it a website, 3d render, an android app or something as simple as a invitation flyer, we first sketch that design to the point of perfection.

02. Design and Developement

Building your appication or website, we focus on every single aspect of the product, every detail is important. From colors, design, code, animations and functionality, the user expirience which we deliver will stun you.

03. Adaptiveness

Living in the now, we understand the importance of accessibility. During development, your website is modified to fit every popular browser and device out there, mobile phones, tablets and pcs. As a result, this creates seemless interaction with you and your client.

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